Bill Information Edit

House Bill 47

Title: AN ACT relating to school notification of persons authorized to contact or remove a child.

Sponsor: Kim King

Date Introduced: 5 January 2016

Final Resolution: Dead

What Does It Do? Edit

Create a new section of KRS Chapter 620 to require the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, if the cabinet is granted custody of a dependent, neglected, or abused child, to notify the school in which the child is enrolled of persons authorized to contact the child or remove the child from school grounds.

What Are the Politics? Edit

Pros Edit

This bill promotes the safety of children who have be the target of abuse or neglect. Without this bill it is possible for a school to not know if a child who suffered abuse comes into contact with their abuser. Now, this should not happen since schools will know which people should not be coming in contact with child abuse victims.

Cons Edit

This bill could be an invasion of privacy and could create bureaucratic problems. It is also hard to inforce since the impetus would be on the school to maintain this list and identify the forbidden people.

What Happened? Edit

HB 47 died in the House Education Committee.

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