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Senate Bill 188

Title: AN ACT relating to oil and gas well sites.

Sponsor: Sen. Jared Carpenter

Date Introduced: 16 February 2016

Final Resolution: (April 6th, 2016) Became law without the Governor's Signature.

What Does It Do? Edit

Overall, this bill requires a permit before drilling a test well for oil/gas exploration, subject drilling to various regulations under a state agency, imposes requirements for closing a test well, and removes the requirement to keep drilling information confidential. However, it also mandates that records of the company during the first three years of operations on a test well be kept confidential.

What Are the Politics? Edit

This bill is a strongly Republican leaning bill.

Pros Edit

  • Makes it easier for drilling and exploration for natural resources
  • Provides new means of regulation for drilling through another state agency
  • Opens up the market for new drilling operations in the state
  • Confidentiality of records are no longer indefinite
  • Imposes new permitting process for exploration

Cons Edit

  • Shields companies from having transparency in informing the public of its activities
  • Imposes new regulations on the exploration of natural resources
  • Allows for more regulation by state agencies, which could harm business interest

Major Changes During Process Edit

Amendment (SCS1): Technical & grammatical corrections

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