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Senate Bill 190

Title: AN ACT relating to economic development.

Sponsor: Sen. Reginald Thomas

Date Introduced: 17 February 2016

Final Resolution: In progress

What Does It Do? Edit

Overall, this bill mandates that retail electric suppliers use more renewable energy, requires retail electric suppliers to take energy-efficiency measures and implement energy-efficiency programs that increase energy savings over time, and creates a new system of tariffs for the purchase of renewable power.

What Are the Politics? Edit

This bill is a strongly Democratic leaning bill.

Pros Edit

  • Increased use of renewable energy through penalties
  • Support for the environment
  • Increased incentives for renewable energy use
  • New programs to continue progress toward better energy consumption

Cons Edit

  • Increased regulation and "red tape" businesses
  • Higher costs to change appliances to renewable sources
  • New tariffs which may or may not help businesses

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