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Senate Bill 228

Title: AN ACT relating to education 

Sponsor: Danny Carroll

Date Introduced: February 24, 2016

Final Resolution: Passed April 9, 2016

What Does It Do? Edit

Requires schools to define bullying and to implement a code of acceptable behavior to prohibit bullying in schools.

The bullying code will contain the type of behavior expected from each student, the consequences of failure to obey the standards, and the importance of the standards to the maintenance of a safe learning environment where orderly learning is possible and encouraged.

The code will require reporting of bullying incidents and bullying code violations.

What Are the Politics? Edit

Pros Edit

Promotes safe bullying free environment within the educational system

The stricter the enforcement of the bullying code the more likely bullies will be held accountable and targeted students will feel safe and fairly treated

The non-discriminatory amendment could limit certain groups from additional bullying

The gender-neutral language instituted in bullying behavior could be preliminary steps to eliminating gender discriminatory language and acts

Cons Edit

Gender-Neutral language pertaining to bullying could be a vague clause. What constitutes certain language to be gender-neutral, and how is it implemented effectively into acceptable bullying behavior?

May require more procedures to efficiently manage and enforce the bullying code

Major Changes During Process Edit

Amendment to SB 275 inserts gender-neutral language as an addition to the code of acceptable bullying behavior.

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