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Senate Bill 50

Title: AN ACT relating to the school calendar

Sponsor: Chris Girdler

Date Introduced: January 6, 2016

Final Resolution: Died in House Education Committee

What Does It Do? Edit

Requires schools to establish first attendance day no earlier than August 26. Unless the school has adopted a year round calendar or has had missed at least seven days in the past five years.

What Are the Politics? Edit

Pros Edit

Could generate additional revenue for Kentucky by delaying the school season and providing more days to attract tourist

Could extend extracurricular children's programs and summer school classes

May give educators additional time to prep for year long curriculum

Cons Edit

Delaying the education of Kentucky children in order to generate additional revenue for the state could symbolize an order of importance

Starting so late could extend children schooling into June, especially with additional snow days, which may stimulate a disengaged classroom

Major Changes During Process Edit

Establishes procedures defining the school calendar, and ensures the school session will not begin until August 26.

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