Background Information on Legislator Edit

Julie Adams

Hometown: Louisville

Senate District 37: Jefferson (Part)

Party: Republican

Senator Adams has served in the Senate since 2015. Additionally, she served in the House from 2011-2014.

Leadership Roles 

Chair of the Senate Health & Welfare Committee

Committee Membership Edit

Session Committees:

Banking & Insurance (S); BR Sub. on Gen. Govt., Finance & Public Protection (S) [Liaison Member]; BR Sub. on Human Resources (S) [Liaison Member]; Education (S); Health & Welfare (S) [Chair]; State & Local Government (S) 

Interim Committees:

Banking and Insurance; BR Sub. on Gen. Govt., Finance & Public Protection [Liaison Member]; BR Sub. on Human Resources [Liaison Member];Education; Elections, Constit. Amend. & Intergov. Afrs. Task Force; Elementary and Secondary Education; Health and Welfare [Co-Chair]; Local Government; State Government 

Statutory Committees:

Administrative Regulation Review Sub.; Government Contract Review Committee; Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Committee; Program Review and Investigations Comm. 

Legislative Sponsoring of Sen. Adams Edit

2016 Session Edit

SB 4

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Sen. Adam's LRC Home Page.