Rep. Tipton has served the 53rd District since 2015. Current Legislative initiatives for the 2016 session include marriage, sales tax & tax credits, firearms, Health Insurance, use of drones, energy, DUI's, abortion, alcohol distribution, and education reform.

Representing District 53 (Anderson, Bullitt, & Spencer) Edit

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HB17, HB21, HB22, HB27, HB28, HB31, HB35, HB37, HB39, HB46, HB48, HB54, HB61, HB67, HB68, HB71, HB79, HB84, HB104, HB116, HB117, HB136, HB168, HB171, HB174, HB182, HB192, HB193, HB209, HB222, HB226, HB236, HB248, HB257, HB261, HB270, HB310, HB315, HB327, HB336, HB364, HB386, HB432, HB433, HB482, HB492, HB494, HB497, HB529, HCR117, HCR133, HJR22, HJR34